War is not an option

Als psychotherapeut besef ik zeer goed hoe diep de traumatische wonden van angst, terreur en verlies van een thuis, kunnen gaan. Enige heling kan jaren duren, als ze al helen. De gevolgen kennen geen einde. Daarom wil ik het onderstaande ondertekenen.

Deze oproep werd geschreven door Bruno Van den Bosch.

It is a statement to the world, to all governments, to all conflicting parties.

We call for an immediate end to all acts of war. We believe that humanity and human rights are the essence of life and that human lives are the most important— the most important of all and that war is never the answer to conflict. It leads to the destruction of infrastructure and unprecedented human suffering.

We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian and all Russian people who are devastated and anguished by the actions of their government in this needless violence.

We also believe that we, as psychotherapists have a responsibility to remind all people that peaceful negotiation, dialogue and debate in conflict resolution should always be possible.

As Psychotherapists, we are sending a message to remind people of the importance of resolving difficulties thoughtfully with mutual respect. And that it is much better to do it immediately than after the deaths of many innocent people, damage and destruction. Let us be responsible and be real humans to real humans.

We call on governments to stop this conflict as soon as possible, respecting your humanity, the humanity of other people and human rights.

Marleen Van Laere

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